After 35 years, we've really done it.
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Center for Public Policy Priorities Changes Name to Every Texan, Reflecting Their 35-Year History in Social Justice and Public Policy

Austin, Texas (May 27, 2020) – The 35-year-old Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP) is changing its name to Every Texan, better reflecting the organization's social justice values and commitment to expanding equity. The non-profit's long-standing mission remains the same -- to make Texas the best state to live in, where Texans of all backgrounds have a fair opportunity to thrive.

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"At Every Texan, we believe that social justice requires public policy," said CEO Ann Beeson. "The pandemic is showing us starkly how public policy can determine who survives and thrives. It's time to rewrite the rules and build a more just and equitable Texas for people of all backgrounds."

CPPP began as the Benedictine Health Resource Center, founded by a group of Benedictine Sisters in Boerne, Texas who knew that systemic policy change was critical to alleviate poverty and sickness. The Sisters’ social justice values have guided Every Texan’s strategy of using data-driven policy to solve inequities that impact the lives of millions of Texans.

"For 35 years, CPPP has been Texas' most effective public policy instrument for working families and equitable health care," said social justice philanthropist Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. "Texans have always been proud of the Texas brand. With that in mind, CPPP is rightly changing their brand to 'Every Texan,' guided by data and their passion for equity and justice."

The organization's track record of advancing social justice includes helping pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Texas, laying the groundwork for landmark increases in funding for public education and ending surprise medical billing for Texans with state-regulated health insurance plans.

Today, Every Texan is leading on the front lines with short-term policy solutions to save lives and livelihoods during the pandemic, and a people-centered policy road map that will rewrite the rules to build a more just and equitable Texas.

With more than 2 million Texans out of work due to COVID-19, Every Texan’s mission matters more than ever. Already, advocacy from Every Texan successfully convinced state leaders to seek no-cost COVID-19 testing for the uninsured. Experts at Every Texan are pushing state leaders every day to expand food assistance, unemployment benefits and worker protections. City officials, county judges and state lawmakers rely on Every Texan for clear, accurate numbers and solutions as they tackle this pandemic and the far-reaching implications.

"Our state faces tremendous challenges, and Every Texan is the right organization for this moment," said Every Texan Board Chair James Aldrete. "Building on a long record of data-driven public policy, the new name focuses on our state's greatest resource -- our people."



Since its founding in 1985, Every Texan (formerly the Center for Public Policy Priorities – CPPP) has expanded opportunity and equity for Texans of all backgrounds. Based in Austin, Texas, Every Texan is an organization pursuing social justice through public policy. Their dedicated team researches, analyzes, and advocates for public policies to expand equitable access to quality health care, food security, education, and good jobs. Learn more about how Every Texan is making Texas the best state to live in at


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